The Empire Strikes Back

White America voted out multiculturalism. Following a trend, a growing global trend, of conservative militancy against globalization. Which is actually the worst way it could have played out. The first opponents to globalization were the students and leftist activists in the late 1990s. Think Seattle. They saw the coming future. They saw what NAFTA meant. They disagreed with it. They knew what was coming.

Here we are, 20 odd years down the line, with a president who campaigned using xenophobic, sexist and racist rhetoric, whose rallies forcibly removed people of colour, also campaigned on an anti-NAFTA, anti-globalization stance. And won. Against the supposed “left” candidate, the shockingly centrist democratic party, with Hillary Clinton. Campaigning to keep everything the same way. Keep the same corporate structures that are raping and pillaging the people and the planet. So the people voted in the anti-globalization guy. Who also happened to be a racist, sexist, xenophobe. Paralleling Brexit. Literally called his movement Brexit plus plus plus. And nobody believed him. He didn’t even believe he’d win. But white America voted for him. In their droves. Voted out the black president. Enough of this shit,we want our jobs back, and we definitely don’t trust this black guy.

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And here we are now, with a bigot in charge. Telling the kids its fine. You can play nasty, you can pull peoples hair, and you can still win. But not a majority. Not even a majority. Because of electoral politics. And now he gets to appoint a supreme court judge, after the republican controlled senate denied the Obama-appointed judge over the last two years because that’s how their system works, and now that the republicans control all three houses, Obama’s judge won’t get in, they’ll patsy in a conservative, and rig the deck 5-4 in their favour, giving them the chance to repeal literally every beacon of progressive social politic, right down to abortion. It’s all in play now. The great erasure. Taking us back.

And I’ve said we and us this whole time for a reason. We’re not impervious here in Canada. We may not have a vote, but we sure as hell feel the impact. There are 330 million americans. 36 million Canadians. There are more Americans in California. We’re basically a nation within the North American Econmic Sphere (oh wait, is that you NAFTA? Sshhhhhhh). Everything and anything that happens in America politically impacts us. And then you remember that America is the world. Team America World Police. So this impacts the whole world. Hugely. This is without a doubt the most important and shocking political event of my life. 9/11 just got trumped.

And now we’re left grasping at straws, and hoping we’re not taken back to the dark age. Because this wasn’t supposed to be how the fight against globalization was supposed to go. The conservatives weren’t supposed to lead the charge. How in the hell did the liberal elite let this happen? They chased out Bernie, that’s for sure. Bernie must just have done it. But there are more Bernie’s. We need more Bernie’s, younger Bernie’s. Not stooges like Justin. Because Justin is a stooge. A pretty boy charming stooge, but a stooge. You don’t hear him decrying neoliberal capitalism and it’s infectious and pernicious grasp on modern democratic institutions. Trump nailed it, just with a very different tone and lens. But Trump nailed it. Politics are corrupt, lets clean out the swamp in Washington. How the fuck did we let this happen? We only have ourselves to blame as progressives. We only have ourselves to blame. We compromised our morals. We took the word “socialist” out of the constitution of the NDP. Under le bon Jack no less. We campaigned on austerity. We moved to the middle, just hoping to grasp power, sick of living in the shadows. But we stopped speaking truth to power. Trump spoke truth to power. Just from the right. With xenophobic language. But he spoke truth to power. The banks and the government are working together, we need to clean up this garbage. How in the hell did we let this happen?


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